Solar Panels Canada

Highly Efficient Solar Panels

We carry top-of-the-line home solar panels. Panels that are efficient, durable, besides long-lasting. Prices of panels are at an all time low. Above all now is the time to invest in solar power. Don’t see the home panel you’re looking for look no further? Contact us we’d be happy to supply, so long as it meets our high standards for quality and value. Residential Solar panels in Canada proven to work in Canadian homes.


Hanwha solar panels on a ground out

For more than six decades, Hanwha has not only kept pace with the times. All while growing their business responsibly. They aim for the future by thinking long-term. Therefore consistently seeking harmony between their business goals and sustainable outcomes. With that as their guide, they have steadily grown in the energy sector. Thereupon raising our profile as a Fortune 500 company. Hanwha is a Korean company promoting sustainability world wide and every continent.

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Trina Panels

Close up of Trina solar panels Notably a world’s leading provider of smart solar solutions. Trina Solar delivers PV products, in addition to applications and services.  Likewise promoting global sustainability and development. Through constant innovation, additionally they continue to push the PV industry forward. Innovation creating greater grid parity power also popularizing renewable energy. Their mission to boost global renewable energy around the world. And of course for the benefit of all humanity.

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 Canadian Solar

Canadian solar panels on a ground mount in Nova Scotia another solar panels Canada installation Founded in 2001 in Canada, Canadian Solar operates also a global energy provider. With successful business offices not only in 20 countries also on 6 continents. Besides serving as a leading manufacturer of solar PV modules. Also a provider of solar energy solutions. Likewise Canadian Solar has a pipeline of utility-scale power projects. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Canada. Including China and Vietnam, Canadian Solar employs more than 8,500 workers.

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Solar panels change solar energy to home electricity. This unique ability allows residential solar panels. To be a common sight in off-grid family homes. Solarwyse features solar panels from several companies. Canadian solar panels are our first choice. We also offer Trina solar panels and Hanwha solar panels. Solarwyse brings a selection of high-quality options.


There is not one solar module that is better than another. As long as you stick with brand names they all carry a 25 years warranty. We select panels for their pricing along with quality. Poor grade panels have a noticeable lack of workmanship also poor silicon quality. Should you need a panel select those with brand names.


Home solar panels have a large difference in electrical output. This difference is because of variations in silicon. Therefore when selecting a module concentrate on matching electrical characteristics. You may find two or more manufacturers modules that will work together. Hanwha solar modules are manufactured in South Korea. While Trina in SE Asia and Canadian Solar are made in both Canada and SE Asia.

Solar panels use direct sunlight

The Canadian climate especially the Prairies have many hours of sunshine. Solar panels also known as solar modules change sunlight into electrical energy. We, humans, think of the sun as warmth but a solar panel is an energy. Sunshine is directly turned into usable electrical energy all seasons of the year. Solar modules not only use direct sunlight. They also can even change reflected sunlight off the snowpack to turn to household energy.

Why are solar panels not all the same?

Just like buying car parts, all parts are not interchangeable, just so you have to stick with one brand. So be careful of mixing and matching panels. It can be done but solar system efficiency is directly affected.

How to get maximum energy out of a module

Place the module so it faces within 20 degrees of the sun. Direct bright sun without any shadows. Also the cooler the better. Modules that are in a string, will degrade dramatically if a shadow of a branch touches even one part of the panel. This effectively degrades the system performance eliminating the output of other modules. Always select a location that receives maximum undisturbed sunlight from morning to evening. Learn where solar south is at your location and face the fixed panels to that direction.