Custom Solar Packages designed for Canada

Custom Solar Packages Designed Just for You

Harnessing the power of the sun is easy, especially with a Solarwyse custom solar packages. Custom design is what we do from robust solar system for the oil patch also powering up your life at the cottage. Even if you’re miles off the grid or just looking to reduce your power bill. A Solarwyse Energy custom solar package is right for you just feel free to contact us today to discuss your off-grid energy needs.

Custom remote solar

Custom Remote Solar

  • Refrigerators
  • Evening Lighting
  • Tunes
  • Entertainment for the kids
  • Charging cell phones
  • Evening showers
  • Water pumping

Custom Remote Solar

Your remote cabin or if you prefer a cottage becomes an oasis of relaxation. As well as with all the outdoor activities. Storing that sunshine is not only accessible with a SOLARWYSE  ENERGY package. But it allows the sun to shine all night long.

Custom-designed packages take into account all your energy needs. Also, we try to incorporate your nice-to-haves.

Make up a list of everything you will need power for. Including charging your phone, and lights. For instance, don’t forget the water pump for the relaxing evening showers.

LED lighting has become popular and uses less power. In order to provide high levels of brightness. Your refrigerator that keeps the beer cool is also a necessity.

Take a few moments and let us know exactly where you are.

Thanks to the Canadian Government’s published information, we can calculate how much sun you can statistically expect to measure for your solar panel and determine your general solar energy needs. We are more than happy to design a solar power package that fits both your pocketbook and lifestyle.

Custom Solar PackagesCustom solar packages supplying fresh water to livestock at a remote location

Livestock watering

Designed solar packageCustom designed solar package on a farm roof

Custom designed farm

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