Solar Power System Kits for Canadians

Solar Power Kits CSA Safety Certified

We offer a wide range of affordable and high quality solar power systems in Canada.

All of our Solar Packages are CSA certified and constructed to efficiently and environmentally consciously harvest solar energy for your every day needs. Our packages are easy to install and built to last using quality brand name products. Rest assured our brand name Solarwyse is known for packages being easy to install, of the highest caliber possible for any budget.

We’ve been enabling Canadians and their families for years to power their lives by harnessing the power of solar energy. Essentially becoming their own electrical provider, they’ve enjoyed freedom from outrageous distribution charges and other services they either don’t utilize, or should be responsible to pay for.

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off-grid solar power system

OFF-GRID Solar Power System

Discover a reliable and affordable way to start living off-grid, and watch your energy bill practically disappear.
grid-tied solar power kits

Grid-Tied Solar Power Kits

Get a package that allows you to sell excess solar energy to the grid or supplement your home. Start harnessing the power of the sun.
cabin solar power systems

Cabin Solar Power Systems

Find an affordable and easy way to bring cozy electricity to your cottage or cabin. Easy to install in less than a day.
 RV and sailing solar

RV & Sailing Solar

Generate quiet, clean, alternative energy wherever life takes you — from your RV to your boat. Safe, reliable & portable.

solarwise energy

Custom Solar Packages

Get a custom solution to fit your needs. Let us help you design a package that will have you generating solar energy today!

Solar Energy in Canada

Solar power kits can be expanded as your family grows, selecting the correct system that is right for you can be a daunting task. Here at SOLARWYSE we have many options available, along with the expertise of finding the best combination of components at the best prices.

There is a lot of misinformation on the web, often we find clients that have purchased Bits and Bobs here and there thinking I need one of those and two of these. We end up trying to salvage as much as they have and make a solar power system work. Before you buy we ask you educate yourself first. Look for reliable information such as the Government of Canada websites.

Generally stay away from dealers sites, especially those that have limited product lines. Yes here at SOLARWYSE we are dealers, but we do sell all band named lines. We will do our best to work with what you have. One thing that differentiates us is that we will ask lots of questions, to find a system that is right for you.

What To Look For In a Solarwise Energy Package

Check your local bylaws, building codes, and insurance company requirements. Some jurisdictions in Canada have strict requirements, others are completely relaxed. Once you have a handle on what you can and can’t have, decide exactly what you will power by electricity, or gas, propane etc. Any item that makes heat is not candidate for solar, this normally includes cooking, clothes drying. Also whole house air conditioning.

  • Sizing of the solar array in relation to the battery bank
  • Avoid roof mounting
  • Tracking arrays
  • Over or under sizing
  • Automation

Lets face it in the winter you need to keep the panels cleared from snow and ice, unless you enjoy getting snow down the back of you neck select a ground mount or better yet a top of pole mount.

Selection of Solar Packages

Solar power systems are available from at least three brand named suppliers, Magnum Energy, Outback Power, and Schneider Electric. These are some of the major supplier of off grid and grid tied inverters in North America. Look through their sites, and read the questions on the forums, educate yourself as much as you can, be sure to call us here as we fully believe that you the client should be fully aware of what will meet your expectations. We do not charge for answers.

Here at SOLARWYSE we have used an OUTBACK system for 15 years now, but do not be surprised if we quote a Magnum Energy system, right now we consider this the best bang for hard earned dollars. This may change and so will SOLARWYSE.
Please continue surfing and do visit our Solar Institute pages we update occasionally, and if you have something we can answer and share with others confused about solar energy, ask us to post it please.

Tips that may help

Tracking arrays are expensive, and for less than the price you can purchase many additional solar panels and produce more energy, In off grid you need enough power to have your batteries recharged by noon at the latest so tracking the sun does not gain you as much as a second array. Grid tied tracking can be beneficial so you can produce as much power as you local power company will buy from you.
General rule of thumb is have a good balance between your battery bank capacity, your daily usage, and the solar production from the panels. Over sizing or under sizing the array gains you nothing, in fact under sizing can result in early battery failure.
Automation in off grid allows the computer to increase the battery life. The solar system can start the generator on high power demands or when the batteries are low.

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