Backup Generator


Reliability in backup generator power is a must living off grid, also a perfectly sized generator will save fuel costs. Selection of backup fuel and proper sizing will greatly enhance your off grid home also your families lifestyle.  Here you will learn about generators and options available to help select the right generator for your family home.

Diesel Powered Generators

Open frame Diesel Generator

You should look for:

  •  Tier 4 or 5 emission standards
  • 1800 RPM
  • Brand name alternators
  • Full time Rated KW power (8 KW most homes)
  • 2 wire auto start equipped


Natural Gas and Propane

Small home dual gas genertaor

You should watch for:

  • RPM 2400 or 1800
  • Brand name alternators
  • Rated KW power (10KW most homes)
  • Cold weather carb heater
  • 2 wire auto start equipped
Of course backup diesel generators are the more expensive options, however they have by far the greatest longevity, often well over 20,000 hours of operation. Salvaging the heat off a diesel is far easier than a gas driven option, mainly because the heat and exhaust are not extracted in the same airflow. Gas models require additional modification to separate the dissipated heat and exhaust fumes.

Suppling fuel to gas driven generators is the most convenient, especially if you select the natural gas option. Both types of generators will fulfill your off grid homes and can be set up to auto start. Ensuring a fully charged battery on cloudy days or when you’re away shopping.

Here at SOLARWYSE we mounted our diesel backup generator in our workshop. Enclosed in a small room with radiator blowing hot air into the work area. On a cold winter day enough heat is salvaged off the generator to warm our family vehicle. Not having to plug in an automobile on those cold winter days, therefore save a lot of extra electrical energy consumption.

The backup generator room allows outside cold air in and the pusher fan common on diesel generators moves warm air into the work areas. A small wall mounted propane heater ensures the backup generator room stays warm enough to ensure starting. This salvaged heat saves in both heating and electrical consumption. Time to talk we can save energy we can help you save energy!

A Perfect backup generator to go with one of our solar packages.

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