Solar Inverters

Inverters Driven by Innovation

We offer a complete line of solar power inverters for both off-grid and grid-tied systems. Our inverters can be purchased as a stand-alone item above all in a pre-wired, fully-tested panel. In addition to CSA certification and a 5-year warranty. Call or email us for the latest pricing or advice.

Enphase Energy Grid-Tied Inverters

Enphase micro inverterEnphase Energy products make solar power systems productive, reliable, smart, and above all safe. In fact, they were selected as the inverter of choice in systems under 3000 watts. They are a great choice for Canadian homeowners. Who want to slowly add to their system besides using a plug and play architecture. These energy systems allow homeowners to complete all phases of the installation.  Notwithstanding the final tie-in.

Outback Power Off-Grid Inverter

Outback VF series inverterOutback’s power panels and chargers are the next generations in advanced power management. Each is a DC to AC sine wave converter. Together with battery charger, and AC transfer switch. In addition, housed within a die-cast aluminum chassis. The integrated smart battery charger uses multiple stages to perform quick recharging while prolonging battery life, saving your batteries and generator from unnecessary wear and tear.

Magnum Energy Off-Grid Inverter

Magnum Power panel with charge controllerMagnum Energy is a leading manufacturer of premium power and chargers for mobile also renewable energy applications. With over 150 years of combined electronics design as well as manufacturing experience. Magnum Energy uses an innovative design. Along with manufacturing techniques to build some of the industry’s most reliable, advanced, and cost-effective energy converters, chargers, and accessories.

Solar Edge Grid-Tied Inverters

Solar Edge grid tie string inverterSolar Edge is the most robust and feature-filled string system on the market today. Built-in features include an optimizer on each panel. In order to report back to your laptop anywhere in the world. Each solar panel is monitored and recorded. Thus allowing optimization for maximum solar harvest. Manufactured with several power options. As a result, these power systems are ideal for customized system sizing. They are also compatible with many of the solar panels in today’s market.

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