Lead Carbon Batteries

Ever considered switching or replacing your Lithium or Lead-acid battery bank? Do you want a maintenance-free battery that will be in its optimal state and without having the worry of hazardous elements for years? Well, Lead Carbon batteries might be the solution that you are looking for!

You might be asking, what are Lead Carbon batteries and how is it different from Lithium or Lead-acid batteries? Don’t worry we got you covered! We will also take a look at 2 of the best carbon batteries out right now in the market, take a quick peek at their features, and how you and your solar setup will benefit from this great battery! Let’s go!

What are Lead Carbon batteries?

Lead Carbon batteries are a new type of battery that combines lead-acid batteries and supercapacitors. The supercapacitors help charge the battery much faster than a regular lead-acid battery. The capacity overall lasts longer despite the high cycle rate, which means that you are looking at at least 10 years before capacity degrades from cycling. It also has better resistance to sulfation, which means it is less prone to corrosion and other harmful and toxic elements that will leach out from the battery.

What is the Partial State of Charge and how is it relevant to Lead Carbon batteries?

One term that you will come across while looking for a battery is Partial State of Charge (PSOC). PSOC means that a battery is often never fully charged on a regular basis. Regular overcharging or fully charging means it will lessen the overall lifespan of a battery. So it is ideal for a consumer to look for a PSOC compatible battery to save you money in the long run. Luckily, almost all of the Lead Carbon batteries are PSOC compatible and are virtually maintenance-free!

Switch Energy Lead Carbon Battery 12V150Ah / 20HR (SWE12-150)

This multi-purpose Lead Carbon Battery from Switch Energy features a 150Ah capacity and a 2,800 cycle rate, can be utilized in various applications such as your home unit, off-grid cabins, recreational vehicles such as golf carts, and battery replacement for your boat. It is also ideal for the coming winter season as capacity will still stay the same at low temperatures while still having a fast charging time.



  • Specifically Designed for Partial State of Charge (PSOC) Applications – This lead-carbon battery has been optimized and tested for the following applications:
  • Off-Grid Cabins, Home & Grid-Tie Battery Back-up
  • Recreational, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles
  • Marine Battery Replacement
  • 2,800 cycle @50% Depth of Discharge – An amazing recharge cycle of 2,800 times, leaves you without the worry of ever affecting battery capacity for a long time.
  • Precision Sealing Technology – This will make sure that no harmful and toxic gases coming off our lead-carbon batteries, so you don’t have to worry about terminals and wiring corrosion, or spillage of liquid acid, drop in fluid levels, hydrometer checking, and all possible safety risks and hazards that you have with existing flood lead-acid batteries.
  • Suitable for Cold Temperature Usage – This means that with the addition of carbon, it has higher charge acceptance and therefore has to charge less time than lead-acid batteries. They also provide more resistance at very low temperatures, which will usually result in low capacity.
  • 98% Recyclability
  • Also available in 42Ah, 65Ah, and 100Ah models


  • Nominal Voltage: 12V
  • Nominal Capacity: 150Ah (20hr)
  • Weight: 42.5kg (97.3lbs)
  • Dimensions: 48x17x24 cm (19×6.7×4 inches)
  • Group 4D Replacements
  • Max Charge Current: 45A
  • Rec. Charge Current: 15 – 22.5A
  • Float Charge: 13.4A
  • Absorp. Charge: 14.4A
  • Charging based on 25C
  • Temp. Coefficient: -3mv/cell/C & -18mv/C/battery

Sacred Sun 2V Lead Carbon Batteries

This amazing and innovative single 2v 500Ah Lead Carbon battery by Sacred Sun features a 5,000 cycle rate and a 50% DOD, that is enclosed in a case that is designed to be stacked for a larger battery bank. 


  • Patent Technology from Furukawa – To present the best quality product, Sacred Sun acquired a patent technology from Furukawa, to produce the best Lead Carbon technology with the high-performing AGM VRLA batteries that have excellent energy storage.
  • Extremely Long Cycle Life – To achieve the long-lasting technology, the battery provides more than 5,000 cycles @ 50% depth of discharge for a life span of over 14 years* (based on using 1 cycle/day)
  • Innovative Lead Carbon Technology – Using lead-carbon technology boosts the charge ability, lessens the bad plate sulphation, and is more ideal for partial state of charge (PSOC) applications.
  • You may also opt for the battery bank options with the 12, 24, and 48 Volt 500Ah and 1000Ah, which comes with racking and buss bar.


Download Specifications Sheet

  • Nominal Voltage: 2V
  • Nominal Capacity @25C: 500Ah
  • Nominal Capacity: 1000Wh
  • Weight: 41kg
  • Dimensions: 508x172x166mm
  • Mass Energy Density: 24Wh / kg
  • Volume Energy Density: 69Wh / L
  • Max Current: Charge 20kW ; Discharge 40kW


Why Should You Consider Lead Carbon Battery Over Lithium or Lead-Acid Batteries?

  • Little to no maintenance is needed. Unlike lithium-based batteries, you require a battery management system (BMS) to check if your battery is over-charging and undercharging.
  • No thermal run-away risk of individual cells from overheating, which will cause it to explode and catch fire.
  • Double the kW storage capacity compared to lithium batteries.
  • No external cooling systems are needed.
  • Can easily replace or retrofit your existing lead-acid batteries than older systems that may be running Outback Power, Midnight Solar, SMA Sunny Boy, Sunny Island setups, Enphase, Ensolar, APS, Solax, Goodwe, EP Solar Tracer, Schneidder, Xantrex, and many others.
  • It has a higher energy density and a longer life span in the same size category as compared with existing AGM/GEL and Flooded Lead Acid Batteries.
  • Higher Amperage Charge & Discharge capacity compared with Solar GEL batteries which have low change or discharge amp input and output current restrictions.
  • Very easy to transport and carry modular systems where each battery can be carried and put in place at a time, without the need for forklifts or jacks.
  • Suitable for On-Grid, Hybrid, and Off-Grid systems due to high discharge amperage capacity.
  • May last up to 20 years when running in the best case with ideal environmental conditions.

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