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Solar Packages For Remote Small Cabins

Our unique cabin and cottage solar power packages are known for their value and ease of assembly, likewise, installations usually taking less than a day. Likewise, these solar packages can be expanded as your energy need grows. We’re happy to discuss the options available to you, even more, answer your questions about installation.

Back-Country Cabin Solar Package


This is a great entry-level solar system for your remote cabin or cottage besides your hunting camp. The battery bank will provide electricity for a weekend, and the system offers enough solar power to recharge the battery bank while you’re at home during the week. Likewise providing an outstanding 140 watts of solar charging power. That is up to 8 amps of DC power in full sunlight.
Back-country cabin solar packages


This package doesn’t include a battery bank but is designed to charge a 12-volt battery. This solar package offers a bright oasis after a log day quading or sledding in the Canadian back county.


What to expect from this package:

  • Power for your lights and radio
  • Always keep your cell phone charged
  • The system will recharge during the week
  • Simple to install in less than a day

Weekend Warrior Cabin Solar Package

A great package for powering weekend trips to your cabin or cottage also adding especially to your enjoyment. This system is designed with expandability in mind, as well as portability should you decide to move. It offers year-round operations when connected to a standby generator and requires minimal electrical knowledge to install.
Weekend warrior cabin solar packages


Safety components and breakers are all supplied, also including a metal electrical box. A small solar array for all week charging above all powering your weekends.


What to expect from this package:

  • Power for your lights, radio & cell phone
  • Power for a water pump for a shower
  • Household power voltages
  • Built-in battery charger
  • Small battery bank included
  • Will connect to a generator
  • Off-Grid Solar Power System Solarwise Energy

Luxury Cottage Cabin Solar Package

This is the most popular of all our off-grid cabin and cottage solar power packages. This powerful package allows you to wire your cottage as you would your home, and then simply connect it to the inverter. A built-in battery charger allows you to switch to generator power and charge your batteries at the same time.
Luxury cottage cabin solar package


Expect reliable, affordable week-long power for your getaway cottage also allowing additional relaxation time with the family.


What to expect from this package:

  • Week-long power for lights, radio, cell phones & more
  • Power for a water pump for a shower
  • Enough power to keep a fridge running
  • Power for small electrical hand tools
  • Built-in battery charger
  • Medium battery bank included
  • Will connect to a generator


Do you find selecting an off-grid cottage solar power package a daunting task? Besides letting us make it easier, we will incorporate your needs along with those nice to have features. Does it take a lot of power for a short duration? Then consider a smaller package. Does it need steady power over long periods of time, then that might mean you need a larger cottage package.

Some of the high draw needs are, for example, coffee in the morning. That is if you can avoid keeping it warm all day. Buy yourself a Keurig, or a Nespresso maker they provide a nice hot coffee. But do not need long steady power requirements. High draws but short duration a smaller solar package works well.


A refrigerator does not use a lot of power. But they need a brief large draw to start the compressor. Consider upgrading to the next higher package.

These are a few of the requirements that a quick phone call to the Solarwyse Guy can answer for you. He also can help in selecting the right off-grid solar cottage or cabin power package. Above all a package your family will enjoy for years

That is why Solarwyse offers a variety of Solarwise Energy Packages. Custom designed for your cabin solar projects and also peace of mind.