Solar Power System Parts and Components

High-Quality Solar System Parts Built to Last

We offer a full line of solar system parts, likewise quality component installation. Our products supplied by major manufacturers, also selected for proven reliability. Designed for top-of-the-line track records for quality and value in addition to competitive prices. Our solar parts shipped to your door otherwise to the nearest depot anywhere in Canada. Contact us today to place an order or ask for friendly advice.


Solar Panels

Photovoltaic technology today is better than ever nevertheless prices are continuing to decrease. Offering the best panels for the least cost regardless the brand you want is our goal. All of our panels offer a 25-year warranty guaranteeing 80% of their rated output including a one year workmanship coverage. Wide selection great quality.

solar panels

Panel Mounts

 We carry a wide range of solar mounts for all weather conditions in Canada notably mounts that can withstand harsh winds or adjust to a high tilt. We sell only from brand name suppliers with a superior track record for safety in addition to reliability. Selecting a solar mount suitable for your location can make all the difference in your solar harvest.

panel mounts

Solar Batteries

A solar battery bank makes up the heart of an off-grid solar power system. Batteries  collect and store energy during the day and supplies it to you after the sun has gone down. A properly designed solar battery bank will give you 10+ years of service. We carry Flooded, sealed Absorbed Glass Mat, and the latest proven Lead Carbon Batteries.

solar batteries

Charge Controllers

Controllers prevent photovoltaic panels from overcharging the battery banks. Small systems use PWM controllers, while larger systems take advantage of MPPT controllers. A MPPT controller can provide up to a 30% increase in energy harvest therefore they are often found in off grid home systems. Now available in small cabin and RV packages also.

charge controllers

Fast Chargers

Chargers ensure that deep cycle batteries are charged quickly and efficiently without over-charging, and that pumps, motors, and fans operate perfectly for prolonged life. Chargers come in a range of voltage and current ratings. Battery chargers come in handy as a backup option connected to a small generator, Often used as emergency backup should your main generator fail.

fast chargers

Inverter Chargers

We carry a complete line of inverters and accessories. Inverters can be purchased as a stand-alone item or in a pre-wired fully tested panel. Solar system parts from Magnum come with CSA certification and also a warranty of up to 5 years. Prices change often so please call for pricing.

inverter chargers

Calculating solar energy

The amount of solar energy that hits a square mile every year is equal to 4 million barrels of oil. That’s a lot of free energy but it is not going to waste, it grows the food we eat, along with setting the weather patterns. There is an abundance of energy around us always present of course of all it’s free for your use. Energy that touches our lives in many ways albeit it needs to be harvested to light up our lives.

To some of us it is an enjoyable evening calculating the energy we use daily in contrast some just ask Solarwyse to do all the magic calculations. In reality the limitation is in the solar system components in contrast to the energy available. Call us here at Solarwyse we have assembled solar kits that take into account your needs in addition to your bank balance. Lets us do the evenings of calculation while you’re saving the labour on the installation and doing it yourself.

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