Solar Batteries Off Grid Energy Storage

Long-Lasting Batteries to Keep Your Solar Home Powered

The heart of an off grid solar system is the battery bank. Not only designed to store the solar energy inside your home. Storing electrical energy obtained from sunlight. Allowing you to access this free energy all night long.  A balanced  bank should provide 10 or more years of service. But under or over sized banks are a constant frustration.

New chemistry provides a wider range in selecting options. Thus we offer the latest proven technology.  Absorbed glass mat and lead acid technology are the leading standards. Yet the lead carbon is becoming the newest standard. 
Looking for a manufacture not offered here. Have questions about pricing. Please call us today, because this will be your biggest investment.

At this time we do not carry Lithium or Tesla batteries, mainly because they contain some environmentally unfriendly compounds also they can pose a serious fire hazard. Educate yourself, the  Canadian Government  Transportation of Dangerous goods, and the Battery University informational site, then decide. Australia has been using a much safer alternative for years, see our long life  Sacred Sun line of lead carbon batteries.

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

Solar batteries designed for years of service high storage,Lead Carbon Batteries

Our lead acid filled battery is manufactured in Spring Hill Nova Scotia it is the original standard in off-grid installations, in fact, you will find them being used all over the world. Off Many off-grid home in Canada have used Surrette, alternatively sold in the United States under the name Rolls a leader in storage technology.

Venting to the outside is vital for safety, as they will produce explosive gasses when charging.


  • Lowest priced
  • Easily equalized


  • Monthly maintenance required
  • Outside venting required
  • Increased corrosion on posts
  • 10+ years of life expectancy

AGM – Absorbed Glass Mat Solar Batteries

Solar Panel Batteries Canada

Our fastest selling option mainly because they can be used indoors safely. Two year extended warranty additionally they are pro-rated based on months of service. A sealed unit that can be safely installed indoors, as well as kept warm during the cold winters. They can also be installed in any position, even laying on their sides as provided by several of our mounting racks.

Our line includes Canadian-made Surrette and the popular US-made Discover Energy  as well as the Japanese Sacred Sun lead-carbon technology. We’re always looking for a quality solar battery to offer our clients not to mention the best pricing.


  • Spill-proof and sealed
  • Maintenance-free
  • Side or upright mounting
  • Mid-range pricing


  • Equalize not required
  • Heavier based on storage capacity
  • Life span 15+ years
  • Cold conditions reduce capacity

Lead Carbon Solar Battery

Lead Carbon batteries in a supplied rack,Solar Batteries Canada

Solarwyse is excited not only to supply a new lead-carbon option but be one the first to offer this technology. Lead carbon can offer equal or better performance than lithium technology.
Nano carbon and lead combine to greatly increased for charge density capabilities, not to mention eliminating the battery management system required for Lithium safety. Lead carbon batteries have the longevity of lithium at only 40% of the cost, of course, we are making them readily available to you.

We offer these solar specific designed batteries with racking included in the price, also along with the interconnecting buss bars. Sacred Sun carbon lead composition is impervious to sulfating, a condition resulting from a battery that is chronically under-charged. The greatest cause of early failure is sulfation, additionally, sulfation does not affect carbon conductivity. Compared to lead acid that has 3,000 charge cycles, the carbon lead will more than double up to 7,000 cycles.

The longest life battery we sell, almost twice the life of the AGM at 1/3 more. DOD limited to 50% and you should get 18 plus years of reliable service. All the advantages of lithium with the safety of AGM. It comes with its own racking and cables.

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