Off Solar Grid System Kits Residential Canada

Off Grid Solar Electric Power Kits to Power Your Home

Our off grid solar electric power kits Canada designed for years of reliability. Also for the safety and protection of your family. Designed for life in Canada include all-weather solar panels. Not only sized to suit your local conditions. But also provide enough solar energy throughout your home.

Living off-grid never mean giving up modern conveniences. Likewise for this reason changing your lifestyle. Instead, it means living a more affordable and sustainable lifestyle. With total freedom from the rising prices of grid-based energy.

With over 15 years of experience with off-grid solar energy solutions. Likewise we’re always happy to help you find a solar kit that suits your needs. Call us today to ask questions and also get a quote on an off grid system in Canada.

Off-Grid Systems Solar Power Kit (Starter)

This package is designed to provide on-site solar electrical power during the construction of your off-grid solar home. This system relies on a back-up generator to charge your batteries. In other words no solar components are included. The backup generator will only run when your batteries need recharging. Thus saving on fuel costs while providing 24-hour solar electrical power.
off grid systems solar power kit


What this package will power:

  • Your electrical needs during the construction of your off-grid home
  • Electricity without constant running generators

Highlights of this package:

  • A 24 or 48 volt inverter additionally up to 4400 watts output
  • Battery monitoring to start you generator whenever required
  • Pre-wired power panel also with CSA safety certification
  • All safety breakers coupled with protection to your home electrical panel
  • Built in power meter specifically showing your usage

Choose this package if:

  • In the building phase of your new off-grid solar home for instance
  • Plan on upgrading to one of our larger packages later
  • You are a DIY handy person with some electrical knowledge also

Optional upgrades:

  • Auto generator start/stop additional module required
  • Web connectivity for remote monitoring

Off-Grid Systems Solar Power Kit (Family)

This package includes everything in the Starter Package. But also includes the solar panel charging components. Most Canadians find this solar electric power kit supplies all of their electrical needs. Specifically for off-grid solar living. In fact, by supplying electricity during the daylight hours and keeping your battery bank charged, you’ll be able to rely on solar to meet all your energy needs.
choosing a solar system canada for your family


What This Package Will Power:

  • Modern off-grid family homes designed for safety and also reliability
  • Including power for your home office also

Highlights of This Package:

  • All the features of the Starter Package including
  • Solar panels producing 2000 watts of energy
  • Rooftop mounting

Choose This Package If:

  • Already have a home ready for occupancy
  • Want a complete solar power system
  • You may want to add additional solar in the future as your family and needs grow
  • You are a DIY handy person with some electrical wiring knowledge

Optional Upgrades:

  • Various charge controllers for future expansion
  • Auto generator start/stop
  • Web connectivity for remote monitoring
  • Ground or top-of-pole mounts

Off Grid Systems Canada designed for our cooler climate.

Off-Grid  Solar Electric Power Kit (Ultimate)

Additional solar array included this solar electric power kit allows for a larger battery bank. Thereby allowing greater autonomy during cloudy overcast conditions. This system supplies up to 10-15 KW hours of solar power on a sunny winter day. Therefore using less generator time. In most cases, this off grid solar package will also support a small workshop or hobby farm. Including sewage processing needs.
off grid solar power packages canada ultimate


What this package will power:

  • Most large modern homes designed for off-grid living
  • Including a small workshop or hobby farm

Highlights of this package:

  • All the safety features of the Starter and Premium Packages including
  • In addition Solar array of 4000+ watts
  • Two solar charge controllers also

Choose this package if:

  • Have higher than normal off-grid power requirements
  • You are considering a small workshop
  • Are considering geothermal heating
  • Upgrading from the Premium Package
  • You have a basic knowledge of electrical wiring

Optional enhancements:

  • Larger battery bank for cloudy days
  • Auto generator start/stop
  • Web connectivity for remote monitoring
  • Ground or top-of-pole mounts

Your choice of Hanwha, Trina or Canadian Solar panels.

Current Special Offer

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Free extended from 3 to 5-year warranty on a Magnum inverter with the purchase of one of our complete packages.