Solar Power Services and Optimization

Trusted Expertise & Friendly Solar Power Services

Not only selling solar energy packages and quality products. We offer expert advice and polite service. We enjoy helping our customers learn about the benefits of solar. Allowing or clients the experience the cost-savings that comes with true energy freedom. We’re always happy to take your phone calls or inquiries. If we can’t solve a problem over the phone, we’ll send a qualified service technician. To your location to help you understand your system. Our solar power services are second to none!

Customized Solar Design


We offer customized solar power system design at no extra charge on any system purchased from us. In most cases, design can be completed after a short phone interview. A few photos may be required before finalizing the system.

Service & Maintenance


Ensure your system is running optimally with a yearly maintenance package. Or, if you’re experiencing a problem, call us to see if we can diagnose the issue over the phone. If not, we’ll send a qualified service technician to fix the problem.

Guest Speaking & Consulting


Need a speaker at your next event? Or a training session for your employees? We present on a number of topics related to solar power and alternative energy. Our presentations include anecdotal stories and energy saving tips.

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