Solar Power kits Residential (Grid-Tied)

Become Your Own Grid-Tied Solar Energy Provider

Grid tied solar energy systems allow Canadians to sell excess power back to their local power company while supplying the household needs first. Regulations limiting the amount of solar-produced power vary from province to province, additionally local power companies will often impose their own regulations. All grid tied solar packages sold by Solarwyse have a built-in safety feature that will cease production when the local power company has stopped accepting excess power. Grid-tied systems come in a range of sizes, from a few kilowatts and as much as hundreds of kilowatts. Contact Solarwyse today to become your own grid-tied solar energy provider!

Grid Tied Enphase Packages

Enphase microinverter systems are included among the most advanced grid-tied solar power systems on the market today.
grid tied enphase package


They are also the easiest for a do-it-yourself handy person to install. Then again the have the lowest costs. By all means, can be roof or pole mounted.

Get a Fully-integrated Device

This device converts the DC output of a single solar module into grid-compliant AC power. This integrated system maximizes energy harvest, increases system reliability, and also simplifies design, installation, and management.

Purchased in 120-volt or 120/240-volt output options, and is also available as a 208-volt, three-phase model.

Weekend Warrior Cabin Solar Package

An Enecsys solar microinverter maximizes your return on your solar photovoltaic investment throughout the life of the system.
weekend warrior cabin solar package


This system also gives you peace of mind that you’ve selected the world’s most reliable technology to power your home or business.

You can enjoy the benefits of the sun no matter where you are.

Visit the Enecsys web-monitoring site to see how you can watch the performance of your system over the web. even though you’re at the office or vacationing in paradise.

Since each installation depends on your unique requirements prices vary.

Furthermore available in 120-volt or 120/240-volt options, including a 208-volt three-phase option.