Hanwha Panels

Hanwha Panels

Solarwyse carries Hanwha Solar Panels, one of the most trusted and recognized solar panel manufacturing companies in the world. Hanwha Solar Panels are crafted in Hanwha facilities that are located in South Korea, China, and Malaysia. With photovoltaic products, solutions, and applications spanning a full-spectrum, Hanwha is able to meet the expanding needs of the worldwide solar market.

Hanwha Q Cells is a component of the larger Hanwha group, which is a global leader in solar power, and covers the quickly expanding solar markets of the world. Production of Hanwha Solar Panels reaches a capacity of 5.7 GW, making them one of the biggest manufacturers of solar panels.

The Hanwha Solar Panels are high-quality, with solar cells and modules that are uniquely efficient. Hanwha products include polycrystalline and monocrystalline photovoltaic modules, offering top-notch solar solutions for residential, commercial, and also utility operations.

Hanwha also manufactures PV cells, wafers, silicon ingots, and finished modules, ensuring that they provide one of the largest number of solar solutions around the globe.

Hanwha Solar Panels have a number of distinguishing features that help them stand out as a top solar solutions company. These features include:

  • Solar panels built with high-quality, top-performance, and reliability at the forefront.
  • Affordable cost for effective solar solutions.
  • Reliable energy solutions that work in all weather and lighting conditions.
  • Top technology that ensures high speed in producing energy.
  • Focus on reliability with the highest standards.
  • A global presence with 4 R&D centers.
  • Worldwide supplier of the highest quality and efficient solar panels.
  • Secure investment with 12 year equipment and 25 year performance warranties.
  • Simple mounting and installation systems ensuring safety and security.

Hanwha Solar Panels are one of the world’s top choices for solar energy production in residential and commercial buildings alike. With a worldwide presence and reliable technology, Hanwha is a great choice for your solar needs. Contact Solarwyse today!