About SOLARWYSE Living Off Grid

Living Off Grid in Canada

Our Beginning

Our experience living off grid began in 2005. You might say it was a mid-life crisis, coupled with becoming empty nesters. After spending 20 years working for a big power company in Calgary, my wife and I got itchy feet. But we decided to move to the Peace River district of Northern Alberta, near my small hometown of Beaverlodge.

Our small 15-acre plot of land, which was mostly bush and a long driveway, cost us less than $20,000. It soon became our paradise.

By the next summer, we had put a 1,200 square foot home on the property, complete with a septic system, drilled water well. Not to mention and a wood burning stove and a winters stock of firewood.

Next came the solar panels and battery bank. We also invested in a 8 kilowatt back-up generator, which we set up in our workshop and connected to our solar power system with an auto start/stop function.Off grid mobile home

The result? Reliable power and plenty of heat in our home throughout all the