Victron Solar Power Systems

Manufactured over seas, but this time in Europe. The Dutch company Victron is the first to offer the Victron series inverter to the North American market. A professional system extremely well built and offers features that the homeowner requests. Home or commercial environments Victron meets your expectations.


This inverter shines in a small home, providing continuous 120 volts. Battery banks can be either 24 or 48 volts. A wide variety of battery technologies work well with the Victron, even the latest high charge density lead-carbon technology. Victron inverters can be connected in parallel for additional power requirements, including 240 volta split phase operation. Optional wiring option will allow 240-volt operation while the backup generator is running, or you can use the optional transformer and have 240-volt operation continuously. Great versatility.
Three-phase operation available with 3 inverter combinations. Should you have a commercial need for industrial voltages.


The Victron series offers complete anti-islanding options. Combining multiple controllers and inverters supplies the needs of both residential and commercial locations.

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