Sol-Ark Power Systems

Sol-Ark provides the most versatile inverter systems available on the market. Able to handle both grid tie and off grid operations in a single professionally designed package. Limitless options, manufacture in North America, no wonder their motto is Limitless power.


Once it’s connected to the grid, your options surpass the competition. Wifi connection, not only to monitor your system, but it will allow the factory to update firmware for a seamless transition. Should you need help troubleshooting, your installer can assist from the home office, saving you that expensive service call.
With a 9000 watt off grid inverter, it provides limitless energy for even the largest home users. Dual built in charge controllers allow for maximum solar harvesting in grid tied operation.


Feeding energy back to the power grid will save on your energy costs. Unique optional battery bank allows for maximum savings, imagine the ability to program in your high usage time provides even more saving, preventing going over that peak usage cap. Built in is an essential services buss, should the power fail, only those circuits you deem essential will be power. Options not found in other brand-named inverters.

Off grid

Switching between on and off grid is as easy as programming your TV. A feature that the competition has yet to offer. The Sol-Ark is the perfect system, if ever decide to connect to the grid. Off grid inverters and on grid inverters are a thing of the past. Now this technology works without expensive change of components. Backup generator operation is seamless as the Sol-Ark is ac coupled.

Battery options

All battery technologies are programable, from the original lead acid to the long-life lead carbon. Lead carbon is the leading battery technology out there, proving to surpass the lithium, in storage, charge density and for you the consumer the costs.

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