Save Energy This Holiday Season

by | Dec 8, 2020 | news | 0 comments

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! However, the beautiful Christmas season can often bring unexpectedly high energy bills come January.

There are a few ways to keep your energy bill down this Christmas season!

Turn the thermostat down and skip the fireplace

Remember that even in the winter, your HVAC is responsible for a significant portion of your electricity use. Turning the heat one or two degrees lower, especially at night when you’re asleep, can make a difference. Sleeping in a colder room often ensures you have a better sleep! Double Bonus! If you’re entertaining, you can comfortably turn the heat down a few more degrees because using the oven and stove as well as having a home full of people will naturally warm your home.

Central heating beats a fireplace for efficiency if not for ambiance. We love a good fire in the fireplace, especially since Texas doesn’t get too many cold days. However, if the temperature does really drop, your home will actually stay warmer if you stick with the HVAC instead of relying on your fireplace because as much cold air enters your home via the flue as the fire generates.

Use LED lights with a timer

Strings of LED lights may cost more up front than traditional incandescent lights. But LED lighting will save you money in the long run. LED lights use a fraction of the energy traditional holiday lights use, plus they last a lot longer too! Decorating your home with LED holiday lights is much more energy efficient. Putting lights on a timer will ensure that they are on – and consuming energy – only when you want them to be.

Have a Family Game Night

Energy efficiency doesn’t have to be boring. You can cut back on your consumption by turning off the TV and computers to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Play a board game, tell stories or read books by the tree! Christmas is a time to embrace the company of your family, and making memories without the use of electricity is sure to be a special way to celebrate together and enjoying conscious family time.

Heating your home, gorgeous light displays, and the inevitable hosting can take a toll on your energy bill. Between gift-giving, celebrations, and winter setting in, most families see their household expenses go up during the holidays. However, there are still plenty of ways to save this holiday season.

Enjoy the holiday season, and happy energy saving!