Do Solar Panels Work During the Winter

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What does this mean for your solar panels once the temperatures drop? Stay with us as we answer all your questions about how a solar panel installation performs during the winter.

Do Solar Panels Work in Snow?

Yes solar panels work in winter weather, but for obvious reasons, their output is lower than during the height of summer—days are shorter and snow can temporarily reduce or shut down output. That said, solar panels are actually more efficient in colder temperatures! It’s a commonly held belief that solar panels don’t work during the snowy season — but this is a myth. As long as they don’t remain covered in snow for an extended period of time, solar panels work just as well during the winter, even in snow.

In fact, your panels will produce more electricity than you might think throughout the winter!

How Effective Are Solar Panels in Winter?

When it comes to solar energy, there’s one important thing to remember: it’s not about warmth, it’s about sunlight. In fact, solar power generation in summer vs. winter might surprise you. Cold, sunny weather is actually an ideal time to produce energy for your home because solar panels work more efficiently in cooler temperatures.

Even in the most freezing of winter temperatures, when sunlight is shining, solar panels in winter months will produce the electricity you need!

Do Solar Panels Require Winter Maintenance?

The great thing about solar panels is that once installed, they’re virtually maintenance-free for the majority of the year, including in the winter.

If you live in an area that receives heavy winter storms — think polar vortex level — you may want to hire a professional to clean off any wet, heavy snow if you’re worried about roof safety. age. We do not recommend that owners of solar systems clear the snow from their arrays as this could damage the array and is not covered under the warranty. The panels tend to be in difficult or even dangerous areas to access on the roof.

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