Types of Solar Mount Systems

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By now you have a solid understanding of what a solar panel is and how it is going to benefit your life. You may have driven past solar panels on roofs, against walls, or propped up in fields! There are many different types of solar mounts. Before a solar panel can be installed you should explore the different types of solar mounting options.

Roof Mounts

Solar mounts designed for rooftops can be either sloped or horizontal. They attach easily to asphalt, shingle, or metal rooftops are a great option for most solar panels. Horizontal solar mounts may be commonly referred to as a ballasted array and are an inexpensive mounting option. Ballasted array systems typically use concrete blocks to keep the modules in place. If the roof faces South, Southwest, or southwest, then it’s a great spot for them. However, if the available space on the roof only faces North, then it’s better to find another spot or mounting option.

Ground Mounts

Solar mounts that are designed for the ground have many benefits! They are easier to access to clean or tilt and can be perfectly placed to hit the sun, whereas you may be limited by the direction your roof faces. That being said they are typically more expensive for install purposes and excavation may be necessary.

Vertical Pole Mounts

Vertical pole mounts are perfect for remote areas! They provide solid graming strength and corrosion resistance, they are secured at 90 degrees and these solar mounts are made from high-tensile aircraft quality aluminum and steel fasteners.

A solar mount has the function of securing solar panels to your building or wherever you are placing solar panels and holding them in place. We offer a variety of solar mount options and will happily guide you to find your best option.


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