Solar Power Systems

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Solar Power systems designed for ease of installation and safety also the envy of off grid families. All wired and CSA certified these packages also connect to the home electrical panel. Let’s look at the all the components.

Solar Charge Controller

Off grid systems use a solar controller to protect the batteries from over charging from the panels. Solar power is not always constant because of clouds, a controller stabilizes this energy. Thus a constant and efficient charge current refreshes to your batteries.

Solar array

Outside mounted in the sun, panels convert sunlight into electrical energy. Solar arrays located so that the receive as much direct sun as possible. Facing solar south and away from trees and shade. Converting as much sun light into energy to light up your home.


The inverter changes the electrical energy into the power you find in any Canadian home. It matches the need of standard appliances, in addition to lights, and entertainment centre. Included in an inverter system is a charger that allows a generator to charge batteries. The generator can power your home and charge batteries at the same time. Charge Controllers convert solar into electrical energy. Solar system power can energize homes, cottages also business. Photovoltaic arrays are becoming common on homes powering Canadian family’s year around.

Solar mounts

Off grid homes will have panels on the roof, ground or poles. Roof mounts are the least cost but hardest to clear snow away from. You get the least solar panel efficiency because of the fixed tilt. Tilting a ground mount is not easy, but they will harvest more energy than roof top panels. Snow fall in the winter can block the lower panels and reduce efficiency.

Top of pole mounts are among the higher priced and highest solar efficient arrays. Winter snow removal is easiest, along with summer to winter tilting.


The solar power battery system is the storage tank, a place to hold that sunshine for the night. Batteries can range from the least cost flooded cells. Thee cells are the highest maintenance and shortest life. Sealed batteries are medium priced and will supply your home for a reasonable 13 or so years. Absorbed Glass Mat solar batteries are the most popular medium priced bank.

Lead Carbon solar batteries are the longest life, and higher cost option. The huge advantage is the extended life of up to 20 years.


The most common adjuncts to a power system is automatic generator start modules. These allow for automation reducing labour. Battery monitoring kits track the battery charge and optimizes your solar power package.


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