Saving on Solar Panel Costs

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Is it really a good price?

Often I get a call from bewildered clients, they had bought a bit of everything on special. A mix of solar panels, charge controllers, and inverters, all that they found trying to save costs. Saving cost on solar panels is what we want for you as well, we also want a balanced system.

Solar panels utilized in a balanced array must match voltage and ampere in each string. If you get a great deal then make sure that you get a complete set at the same time. All the same brand name and all size and composition. You can’t mix and match.

Can you really see the value?

Solar panels also come in 60 cell or 72 cell construction, a quick look at the label will tell what type they are.
Often these panels look identical, have the same physical size, and the same wattage. Can you tell them apart?

Solar panels can come in thin film, polycrystalline or monocrystalline composition. These types have advantages and disadvantages. Learn to tell these apart, before you buy mixing them in an array will not save you costs.

Can you save costs?

When using a mppt controller each string in the array must be identical in voltage. Also each panel in individual strings must have matching Imp rating. Imp is the maximum power current measured in amps.

Have you purchased some odd mismatched panels thinking you were saving costs, give us a call. We enjoy making what you have into a working cost effective solar power system. Free advice and you’re on the way to harvesting solar power.


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