6 Facts About Solar Energy You Can’t Afford to Miss

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The consumption of non-renewable sources like oil, gas and coal is increasing at an alarming rate. There just isn’t enough available to match the amount that we use. It’s time to look at some other renewable sources of energy! Solar power to the rescue. Although many countries have started utilizing solar energy extensively, they still have to go a long way to exploit this renewable energy to fulfill their daily demand for energy.

Here are 6 Quick Facts that you can’t afford to miss about this unmatchable natural resource:


Fact 1: Solar energy is a completely free source of energy, and it is found in abundance.

Though the sun is 90 million miles from the earth, it takes less than 10 minutes for light to travel from that much distance.

Fact 2: China is the world leader in solar energy

Solar energy is starting to get a lot of attention in North America but has a long way to go compared to China.

Fact 3: Airplanes can fly around the world while running entirely on solar energy

Though many may be aware that solar energy can power trains, cars and even space stations, many were skeptical when a Swiss pilot decided to fly a solar-powered plane around the world with no additional power source than the sun. The potential of solar energy is SKY HIGH!

Fact 4: Over 2 million solar systems have been installed in North America

In early 2019, the U.S. surpassed 2 million solar system installations. This milestone comes just three years after the industry completed its 1 millionth installation, which took over 40 years to reach!

Fact 5: Solar Energy can add to your property value

Homeowners will be pleased to know that adding solar panels to your home can be a huge adder to your property value. Plus, solar energy will save you money from your energy bill each month. In addition, the investment that you make in solar, will add its exact property value–or more–to your home, should you decide to sell it later on.

Fact 6: Solar Energy is cheaper than fossil fuels

The solar energy cost is cheaper than nearly every option for new fossil-fuel power plants. The cheapest fossil fuel option is natural gas. Depending on where you’re looking at producing solar energy, it’s probably already cheaper than coal, diesel, nuclear, and in most cases, natural gas!


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