Solar Power System

Solar Power System

Let Solarwyse help you put together a high-performing solar power system that can meet your home or business’ energy needs. We carry top brand names in solar panels, modules, battery banks, inverters, and other components to ensure your new system is efficient and long-lasting. We’ve been Canada’s most respected solar panel provider for more than a decade- and we continue to lead the industry in affordable costs on reliable products.

New to Solar?

Get educated in our Solar Institute online, where you’ll find a wealth of valuable information on how to get set up with a solar power system. Whether you just have a few questions for a Wyseguy or need help choosing the right system for your home or place of business, we can help, from start to finish. We know you have a lot of options when looking at going solar- and we don’t take lightly your decision to trust us for answers.

Complete Solar Power Kits

Purchase one of our ready-to-go solar power system kits or let us customize one specifically for your needs. We are pleased to offer all of the following:

  • Off Grid Solar Power System- the easiest way to start living off-grid
  • Grid Tied Solar Power Kits- a smart solution for customers who want to sell their energy back to the grid
  • Cabin Solar Power Systems- a simple, one-day install kit that brings solar energy to your cabin or cottage
  • RV & Sailboat Solar- quiet, clean, alternative energy for peace of mind on the water
  • Solarwyse Energy Custom Kits- professionally designed to help you start benefiting from solar today

DIY Solar Products

Build a solar power system with our affordable products and save money on going solar. Our complete line of solar products includes panels, mounts, batteries, charge controllers, fast chargers, and inverter chargers. We have what you need at some of the best prices in the industry when you look to us for cost-effective solutions. We can help you put together the perfect system to meet your needs with a number of professional services:

  • Customized System Design- use our products and take advantage of an experienced system designer for optimum performance
  • Service & Maintenance- annual inspections and professional service on-demand are two great ways to continue enjoying the benefits of solar energy
  • Consulting and Guest Speaking-  we can offer an on-site training session for your employees or free up one of our expert speakers to present your guests with topic related material on going solar

Solar Has Never Been More Affordable

The solar industry has been virtually untouched by inflation- in fact, you’ll find that the costs of going solar are more affordable today than at any time in our world history. As new technology continues to pave the way for more durable products that perform better and for longer periods of time, you’ll reap the benefits of a high rate of return on the costs of installing a solar power system.

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Solar Power System Solar Power System