Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller

Shop online at Solarwyse when looking for a quality solar charge controller. We only carry brand name products that have proven their value to the solar industry and offer our customers an excellent return on their investment. If you’re building a solar power system, consider our products and services. We are proud to carry charge controllers that assist in increasing your solar harvest.

Prevent a Battery Bank Overcharge

We carry five solar charge controllers that we’ve chosen from many products to represent our company:

  • Outback Power- choose from 60 and 80 amp solar charge controller to maximize solar energy.
  • Midnite Solar- a highly efficient controller that is competitively priced. Midnite Solar controllers have been tested in inclement Canadian weather conditions for output and performance and have emerged as best-in-class.
  • Morning Star- with three functions are engineered with high stability. Used primarily for larger systems, Morning Star controllers offer exceptional value.
  • Magnum Energy- the newest product on the market, featuring up to 100 amps, this charge controller is able to handle up to 6.6 kw of solar array. Check out affordable prices on Solarwyse.
  • Schnieder- offers charging current available for any voltage battery bank, featuring integrated PV ground-fault protection.

For DIY Systems

At Solarwyse, we believe in empowering our customers to create efficient solar power systems using our products and services. If you’re a DIY-er, you’ll find everything you need in our inventory, including the right solar charge controller, solar panels, solar battery banks, battery chargers, solar inverters, and solar mounts. We also provide an array of services to help you get set up correctly for efficient use of your system.

Visit Our Solar Institute

Learn about the advantages of solar power or get help choosing a system for your home, business, boat, RV, or cabin by exploring resources you’ll find in our institute. Click the ‘Ask a Wyseguy’ link or find your questions already answered in our FAQ section. Check out ‘System Settings’ to optimize your solar power system for the best battery life and performance. Whatever you need, we’re here for you, from start to finish- all you need do is ask.

Rebates For Solar Systems

You may already know that there are rebates to help home and business owners get set up using solar power, but you may not know how to go about taking advantage of these incentives. You’ll find help for rebates on our website by browsing through FAQs. Our solar specialists are available by phone to answer your most pressing questions.

Your Single Source For Solar products and Services

Whether you need a solar charge controller, efficient solar panels, or a complete, pre-built solar kit and professional installation, we can handle any size or scope of project- just reach out to our team of specialists, and we’ll help you get started. Going solar is an exciting adventure- just make sure you partner with the right company for competitively-priced products and professional service.

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Solar Charge Controller Solar Charge Controller