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2019 New Years Special

Because of the popularity of our lead carbon batteries. Likewise SOLARWYSE offers a $500 shipping savings. On  the Sacred Sun FCP series batteries. The lead carbons are the longest life battery as a result are in great demand. With attention to proper settings and maintenance, lead carbon therefore should last up to 20 years. Both of which are equally important as far as life expectancy and safety is concerned.  Sacred Sun lead carbon technology for this reason surpasses the Tesla Lithium battery technology. The use of lead increase the weight therefore lead carbon shines as an off grid battery bank. SOLARWYSE offers a $500 savings on shipping to anywhere in Canada of course saving you money . All the solar panels for sale charge these batteries perfectly.


Assembled 48 volt lead carbon battery bank

Your purchase of lead carbon batteries not only includes racking as well as electrical buss bars not to mention a safe and secure battery bank. Assembly is modular, thus designed for ease of installation by the DYI home owners. Batteries are 2 volts each, and also available in 500 or 1000 AHr storage. Therefore a 24 volt bank would be 2 rows high. Increasing to 4 rows for the 48 volt bank.


Impervious to sulphation, the bane of the lead acid and AGM technologies. On the positive side these batteries draw down safely to 40% state of charge, as opposed to 80% for the original batteries. Thus contributing to their extended life. Moreover this advantage allows for a much higher charge density resulting in greater capacity. The deep cycle solar battery commonly used in off grid can charge for 3000 cycles rather than the Sacred Sun 7000 cycles. This is over double the life expectancy. The AGM battery life is around 10 years, however the lead carbon is around 20 years.
Do not miss out on this $500 saving in shipping costs, these batteries are warehoused in south central British Columbia.

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Solar Panels for Sale

While your looking have a gander at our solar panels for sale. We carry high quality and brand named solar modules at a fair market price. our Solar panels are selected based on availability, not to mention 25 year warranties. Our modules are designed to withstand the Canadian winters along with the winds and hail. Selected for both high efficiency coupled with pricing and reliability, you can’t  GO WRONG! Canadian Solar a manufacture of one of the best solar panels for sale world wide.

Solar panels for sale

Solar panel array