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Holiday Special

This year Santa wants to bring you the gift of sunshine!

Christmas Special: 300 Watt Panel with 40 Amp Charge Control & All-the-Safety Package

This package is perfect for the weekend warrior on your list! Rock their cabin all weekend long with power for lights and charged cell phones.

Order now in time for Christmas. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

What’s included?

Basic package:

  1. Hanwah 300 amp panel
  2. 40 amp MPPT controller
  3. Remote meter
  4. 25 feet of UV resistant cables
  5. Small breaker box
  6. 2 breakers

Cost: $726

Add-ons, Option 1:

  1. 2000 watt inverter pure sinewave with a built-in 55 amp charger*
  2. Safety 300 amp fuse
  3. A disconnect to shut down the inverter
  4. Heavy duty battery cable for added protection

Cost: $1173

Add-ons, Opti