Micro Hydro Power Systems

One of the often-overlooked sources of off-grid energy is micro-hydro. Not all of us have a small stream in our back yard. But those who do should have taken advantage of the energy flowing through their property. A small or drop of only one foot can provide enough energy to supply your home energy needs.


Micro hydro systems can be either low flow, or high volume, and produce energy levels as low as 100 watts. Just think 100 watts steady over 24 hours is 2.4 KWhrs of energy, enough for half the daily use of a large off-grid home. Most streams with one to two feet of drop can produce up to 500 watts of steady energy of 12KWhrs a day, that is more than most solar panel array produce.
A steady charge on your battery bank greatly increases the life and storage capability for that extra reliability of your entire off-grid system. Micro-hydro can supply all your home energy, by keeping your battery bank fully charged day and night.
Your system

Micro-hydro is not as popular as it is not entirely plug and play. Each location has unique design requirements. Different options are now available. Various nozzle sizes driving a small turbine system as small as a car alternator, can be selected to fine tune your system. Call us lets look together at your options off grid energy needs.

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