Off-Grid Systems Solar Power Kit (Starter)

Solar Power Kit Information

This package is designed to provide on-site solar electrical power during the construction of your off-grid solar home. This system relies on a back-up generator to charge your batteries. In other words no solar components are included. The backup generator will only run when your batteries need recharging. Thus saving on fuel costs while providing 24-hour solar electrical power.



What this package will power:

  • Your electrical needs during the construction of your off-grid home
  • Electricity without constant running generators

Highlights of this package:

  • A 24 or 48 volt inverter additionally up to 4400 watts output
  • Battery monitoring to start you generator whenever required
  • Pre-wired power panel also with CSA safety certification
  • All safety breakers coupled with protection to your home electrical panel
  • Built in power meter specifically showing your usage

Choose this package if:

  • In the building phase of your new off-grid solar home for instance
  • Plan on upgrading to one of our larger packages later
  • You are a DIY handy person with some electrical knowledge also

Optional upgrades:

  • Auto generator start/stop additional module required
  • Web connectivity for remote monitoring


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