Solarwyse Energy

Solarwyse Energy panels for Canadians

Priced to fit into your Recreation budget!

Solarwyse Energy panels are priced to sell fast they may be one of a kind or a name brand. The home experimenter or a serious camping enthusiast can find a bargain with our selection of hard to find sizes

Canadian Solar MaxPower CS6X-310P Poly

Purchase in lots of 6 or more, great buy for those of you that have friends in the recreational property areas. Get together with you neighbors an arrange shipment to your location.Closeup of a Solarwise Energy module These panels are located in warehouses in Canada and can be ready to ship within one week. Canadian Solar manufactures panels in many locations these quality panels are made overseas to Canadian solar specs.

Read for yourself on the quality of these modules. As this is a relatively new module this introductory offer is available for a limited time only, we can supply either the 310 or 315 watt module depending on availability at the time of order.

A 24 volt nominal module will require a MPPT style charge controller

Solarwyse Energy

LOTS of 6 or more module price is $240 each, shipping and taxes not included.

A 100 watt solar panel

We have a time limited offer on 100 watt flexible or solid frame modules.Solarwise Energy 12 volt module These modules have been supplied with a lot of the RV units in the past. They make great replacement modules, or an additional module on your system. The flexible modules can be rolled up and stored, or spread out almost anywhere the sun shines. These are re-branded panels we sell them as Solarwise Energy modules, they still carry the 25 year warranty as all others on the market.

These are 12 volt nominal modules and can be used with either a PWM or MPPT charge controller. Add 2 in series, connect to a MPPT controller and increase your charge current by 30% or more over your PWM controller.

These modules are not designed for building an off grid system for a family home.

Solarwyse Energy

Your choice solid frame units $173.25 or the flexible module for $270.15 each shipping and taxes not included.

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