Solar Panel Mounts

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Solar mounts are designed for different climatic conditions, as a mount built for southern countries will not always be suitable for harsher Canadian conditions and higher latitudes. Our mounts are engineered to withstand the high tilts and windier conditions found in Canada. Solarwyse will only sell mounts from brand named suppliers with track records of safety and reliability. We would be happy to walk you through the various options, as each style has distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Sloped Roof Mount

Sloped Roof Mounts feature innovative mounting solutions such as adjustable height, and self sealing feet. These mounts easily attach to any asphalt shingle or metal roof top. A great variety of options for every roof out there.

Enphase inverters mounted on roof

Top-Of-Pole MOUNTS

Solar panels mounted on top of a pole a very popular mounting arrangement

Engineered top of pole mounts are made out of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware. These combinations are known for their good framing strength, and corrosion resistance. All fasteners are made with excellent grounding practices and durability. These mounts are designed to tilt from 0° to 70°. Changing the tilt from summer to winter will optimize your solar harvest.


Vertical pole mounts are made out of high tensile aircraft quality aluminum. The combinations are known for their good framing strength, and corrosion resistance. All fasteners are made of steel. Mounts are fixed 90°, designed for remote areas.Solar panels moounted vertically on a pole


Solar panel ground mount

Designed for ease of winter snow removal, all solar panels can be installed up to one meter above ground level. Constructed of aircraft grade Aluminum struts. Adjustable to optimize solar harvest winter, spring/fall, and Summer.Back side of ground mounted solar panels


Secure your smaller solar array with these simple, inexpensive roof mounts.4500 watt solar arrayThese roof mounts feature adjustable aluminum brackets that allow the angle to be optimized for your location. Sometimes referred to as a ballasted array. Can be tilted seasonally.


Solar tracking array follows the sun acrross the skyUsed primarily for grid tied solar, designed to follow the sun across the sky for maximum solar harvest. These arrays can be built to accommodate many of the solar panels on the market today. Either one or two axis of rotation, for both pan and tilt, allows harvest of the last solar ray of the day.Tracking solar array motor