Battery Chargers

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Battery Chargers

IOTA’s line of DLS multi-stage battery chargers ensures that deep-cycle batteries are charged quickly and efficiently without over-charging. They will also insure that your pumps, motors and fans operate perfectly for a prolonged life. They accomplish this efficient, fast charge by assisting the bulk charge stage provided by the inverter.

These small battery chargers can be used with a small standby generator, which is often used in prolonged periods of clouds or in an emergency charging situation.

IOTA solar power battery chargers come in a multitude of voltage and current ratings. Call us for more information and for the latest in pricing.


IOTA Battery Chargers

iota battery charger for off grid solar

DLS multi-stage battery chargers ensure that all batteries are charged quickly without over-charging. IOTA chargers are designed to power up small DC motors, pumps and fans directly, without the need of a battery. These battery chargers offer a great advantage to the off grid community, allowing a small generator to charge instead of the larger standby generator, which will save on fuel. They also provide emergency charging when you main generator is out of service.

  •  Input voltage optional 120 vac or 240 vac.
  •  Output models available in 12v, 24v, or 48v  DC
  •  Smart chargers as optional plug in board.


IQ4 Smart Charge ControllerThe smart charger adapter for the IOTA battery chargers

The IQ4 Smart Charge Controller protects your battery by turning any DLS charger into an automatic smart charger, giving the user the benefit of bulk, absorption and float stage charging. The advantage of this is a reduction in generator run times. The IQ4 is available as an external accessory that plugs into the DLS charger, or as an internal unit already built into the DLS.

Smart chargers can reduce generator run times.