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Off Grid Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are the heart of an off grid solar power system. It is there for you when the sun goes down, and is essentially the storage place for all the sunshine you collected during the day. A properly designed solar battery bank will give you years of service, while a poorly-sized battery bank will only offer years of frustration. You should get more than 10 years out of a properly sized solar battery bank.

Solarwyse strives to offer our customers the best selection of batteries available, at fair pricing. Please take your time to read about the various technologies and call us if you have any questions.


Surrette flooded batteries

Our line of flooded lead acid batteries is manufactured in Spring Hill, Nova Scotia, and is becoming one of the leading standards in off grid solar installations. You will find them installed all over the globe.

This big red series of batteries is commonly found in most solar power systems in Canada, and the United States under the name of Rolls.

All lead acid flooded batteries must be enclosed and vented to the outside, as they will produce explosive gasses when charging.


  • Least Expensive
  • Can be equalized


  • Require monthly maintenance
  • Must be vented outside
  • Posts corrode as batteries age
  • Life span 10+ years


AGM batteries mounted

The AGM “Absorbed Glass Mat” batteries are our best sellers. The technology incorporated in these batteries allows manufacturers to increase their warranty by two years over that of the flood battery. These batteries are sealed and can be installed indoors. They can also be installed in any position, even laying on their sides.

Our line includes Canadian-made Surrette and the popular US-made Power Sonic. We are always looking for quality batteries to offer our clients.


  • Sealed spill proof design
  • Maintenance free
  • Can be mounted on their sides
  • Mid range pricing


  • Can not be equalized
  • Heavier based on storage capacity
  • Life span 15+ years
  • Requires additional battery management

Lithium Iron Phosphate

Lithium Battery bank latest is solar battery Technology

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are hottest technology on today’s market, made famous by TESLA Motors. These leading-edge batteries have overcome the charge density issues present in other battery technologies, and will fully recharge in lower ambient light conditions. However, lithium batteries require an additional computerized battery management system.

Clients considering geo-thermal system would find enhanced system performance with a bank of properly sized lithium batteries.


  • No need to equalize
  • High charge density
  • Last 15 to 20 years


  • Highest pricing
  • Requires additional battery management


Solarwyse is excited to supply the new Lead Carbon battery technology. Lead Carbon can offer equal or better performance than the lithium technology. You may have heard of the Tesla Wall battery (Lithium Ion), the lead carbon technology will out perform the Tesla Wall in all aspects except weight.

Charge density and lower temperature specs will leave the lithium batteries wanting. No battery management system is required, Tesla/lithium utilized a very unstable element that is prone to over heating and fire hazzard. The lithium battery technology used in the Samsung 7 note that has been the cause of several melt downs, is at the technology of the Tesla Wall.

Lead Carbon is not subject to over heating as it contains only stable components, making it ideal for the off grid home power storage. The carbon used is the same of the ultra capacitor, resulting in greater stability in current surges.


  • No need to equalize
  • Highest charge density
  • Last 15 to 20 years
  • Competitive pricing


  • Highest weight

Carbon Lead 48 volt Battery Bank

Assembled Carbon Lead Battery Bank 48 volts

This battery comes with the racking, and connection bars.


Lead Carbon

Lead Carbon batteries have the longevity of Lithium at 40% of the cost. We offer these batteries with the racking included in the price.

FCP-500 Battery rack installation manual

Sacred Sun carbon lead batteries not only have longevity, but are impervious to sulphation, a condition resulting from a battery that is chronically under charged. Sulphation is the greatest cause of lead acid failure. Compared to lead acid that has 3000 charge cycles the carbon lead will more than double up to 7000 cycles. Pricing slightly higher than the AGM batteries. These batteries with higher life cycles are one of the best bangs for your hard earned bucks!

24 volt bank with racking and all buss bars included $6550. That is a 1000 Ahr or 24Kwhr bank with life expectancy of 20+ years

Don’t see the battery your looking for we carry the complete line these are just our best sellers, call us.