RV / Camping solar

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RV solar panels

A Solarwyse solar power package for your RV will allow you to enjoy a quiet generator-free camping experience. The solar charger keeps your batteries charged while the sun shines, leaving you in peace to enjoy the good weather. These are our most popular solar camping power packages. They are also the easiest for a handy person to install. Select the basic unit if you have limited room. The advanced unit can be mounted on a tripod and set in the sun while your RV enjoys the shade, or mounted on the roof of your RV unit.

90 Watt Solar Charger

This is a great entry-level solar system for a weekend at the remote campground. It provides enough solar power to charge a battery bank, and it will keep your camper ready for the weekend getaway. It offers an outstanding 90 watts of solar charging power, delivering up to 4 amps of charging power in full sunlight. A rooftop mounting kit is included, and the UV resistant cables with MC-4 connectors allow for quick connections.



140 Watt Solar charger

The great robust kits feature a very sturdy 140-watt module designed with the strength and durability needed in the oil patch. Produces up to 8 amps of power in full sunshine. The Enerwatt charge controller can handle two additional 140-watt panels, and the system includes UV resistant cable and MC-4 connectors for quick connections.


Advanced Solar Charger

Designed for spending weekends at remote camping grounds, this solar power package will have your batteries fully charged when you arrive. You will also enjoy enough additional solar power to run lights, music and a water pump for a shower. An optional battery can extend additional for night time and cloudy days. Expect a maximum of 20 amps of charging power from this charger in full sunlight.


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