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Off Grid Solar Power Systems Canada

Our off grid solar residential power systems are designed with all weather solar panels, and will provide years of solar power for your home. Many Canadians have found freedom in being their own power producer, and discovered that living off grid does not have to mean doing without.

Solarwyse has been off grid since 2005, and we would be happy to help you find a system that suits your needs. Please take the time to browse through our solar power selections and contact us with any additional questions.

Off Grid Home Basic

Off grid mobile home

At the heart of any off grid solar power system you will find all the quality components found in this basic solar system. This package is designed to provide onsite electrical power during your home construction. The backup generator will only run when your batteries need recharging, saving on fuel costs while providing 24-hour electrical power. Solar options are available in the starter and advanced systems.


Highlights of this package:

  • Optional inverters up to 4400 watts
  • Pre-wired and CSA certified power panel
  • All safety breakers for future expansion
  • Battery bank sized to your future needs
  • Built in power usage meter
  • Designed for the DIY handy person with some electrical knowledge

Choose this package if:

  • You are in the building phase of your new off-grid home
  • Planning to upgrade to one of our larger packages later
  • Understand what enhanced options are best suited for your home

Optional enhancements:

  • Auto generator start/stop
  • Web connectivity for remote monitoring

What will this package power:

  • Your electrical needs during construction
  • Modern home designed for off grid living
  • This system relies on a backup generator, no solar is included *

Starting as low as $7500



Off Grid Home Starter

Off grid famliy home

The starter system expands on the basic home system by adding a solar component, which allows charging without burning up your supply of fuel. By keeping your battery bank charged and supplying your usage during the daylight hours with solar, you will be able to use your generator less. Most Canadians find this package supplies all of the electrical needs for living off grid.

Buying an off the shelf system is not always the best fit for your needs, these systems are designed to provide the best dollar value for your investment. You can always add additional solar, wind or micro-hydro to suit your budget.

Highlights of this package:

  • All the features of the Basic Home system
  • 2000+ watts of solar
  • Roof top mounting

Choose this package if:

  • You want to add additional solar in the future as your family and needs grow.
  • Want a complete system to start
  • Already have a home ready for occupancy

Optional enhancements:

  • Various charge controller for future expansion
  • Auto generator start/stop
  • Web connectivity for remote monitoring
  • Ground or Top of Pole mounts

What will this package power:

  • Most modern homes built for off grid living
  • Home office

Starting as low as $14500


Large rural family home with a roof top solar array

The larger solar array will allow Canadian families with greater power needs to maintain a full charge on their battery bank, and fill the daily usage requirements. If you are certain that you may need additional solar over 4,000 watts then you may also require a larger battery bank. This advanced system supplies up to 10 to 15 KW hours of solar power on a sunny winter day.

In most homes this package will support a small workshop, or small hobby farm. Some customers that require onsite sewage processing take advantage of the higher power available with this solar power package.

Highlights of this package:

  • All the features of the Basic and Starter Packages
  • 4000+ watts of solar energy
  • Larger solar charge controller

Choose this package if:

  • You are considering geothermal heating
  • Have higher than normal off grid power requirements
  • Considering a small workshop
  • Upgrading from the Starter home

Optional enhancements:

  • Larger battery bank for those cloudy days
  • Auto generator start/stop
  • Web connectivity for remote monitoring
  • Ground or Top of Pole mounts

What will this package power:

  • Most modern homes designed for off grid living
  • Home with a small workshop

Starting as low as $17500


Due to the high cost of Batteries SOLARWYSE will provide the Surrette/Rolls S-550 flooded battery at $395 (GST extra) each, if purchased with any of our solar packages. Either 12, 24 or 48 volt banks; what ever size you require. Just ask when we provide you with a quote, make sure you have the special price. This increase is effective April 1, 2017 or until present stock has been sold.

Secondly if purchasing a complete package SOLARWYSE is now able to offer a free extended warranty on Magnum inverters from the standard 3 years to an outstanding 5 years, at no additional cost. This offer comes automatically with our off grid Magnum Energy packages.

Solarwyse does not recommend solar tracking arrays in most off grid applications, the addition of a few panels can offset the high cost of any tracker on the market.

Components you will need but we know you can purchase locally and not pay shipping

  • Wiring from Combiner box to the inverter Energy Panel.
  • Installation unless purchased separately.
  • Wiring from Energy panel to your home service.
  • Backup generator.
  • Ground rod
  • Shipping
  • Taxes GST/HST where applicable
  • Pricing subject to change call for latest pricing

Should you not find these components locally we can supply them

Off Grid solar power packages pricing are subject to change, we will do our best to keep up to any fluctuation in our exchange rates

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