Solar Power Packages

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Solar Power Packages Canada

SOLARWYSE a company dedicated to providing quality and affordable packaged solar power packages allowing Canadian families to enjoy the benefits of being their own electrical provider. Solar power packages designed for ease of installation, and best possible pricing, using only quality brand named products. Custom designed not only for Canadian needs, also your individual unique requirements are built into each and every solar power system we provide. Please take the time to browse through our solar power selections and contact us for any additional information you require.  Rest assured at SOLARWYSE we are not satisfied until your satisfied with your purchase.

Cabin & Cottage Solar

An off grid cabin located in the quite countryside

SOLARWYSE solar power packages are known for their ease of assembly, taking normally take less than a day. Solar power at your favorite getaway can easily be supplemented with a solar power package that can be tailored, to be expandable as your family grows, or just let you relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Solarwyse can light up your life anywhere in Canada that the sun shines.


Off Grid Residential Solar

A family home in Nova Scotia power by Solar Power

Off grid solar power package designed with all weather solar panels will provide years of solar power for home. Living off grid does not mean doing without, but learning how to use your solar power efficiently. Canada enjoys one of the sunniest climates in the world. Solar panels are most efficient when cold so why are you not taking advantage of one of our natural resources.


RV / Camping  Solar

Solar Power Solutions

Our fastest selling solar packages are our solar camping power packages, they are the easiest for a handy person to install. Solar panels keep your batteries charged while the sun shines. A solar panel supplied by SOLARWYSE for your RV, or favorite camping spot allows you to enjoy a quiet hydrocarbon free camping. Ask about our remote cattle watering, and communication site power.


Remote Location Solar

Solar power package on the high seas

From a remote mountain top communications site to a busy parking lot, no mater where power is needed SOLARWYSE can assist you in harnessing the free power of the sun. A Solar package will be designed to put renewable power to work for you.


Grid Tied Residential Solar

power grid lines transporting the excess energy of a solar power package

Selling solar power to the electrical grid is easy, and silent, a grid tied solar power system provides not only solar power for your home use, but sends excess power back down the line to light up your neighbors. A grid-Tied solar system may be the right choice for you.


Micro-Hydro Power Residential

waterfall with the potentail of micro hydro power package

A drop in water of two feet can produce enough energy to supply a home needs. Harnessing water power is the most economical and environmentally friendly source of energy. Water will provide energy when the sun is high in the sky or at midnight when you are asleep.