Solar Power Solutions For Your Family’s Lifestyle in Canada

Canada’s leading provider of (DYI) Do It Yourself Solar Packages, Solar Products, and friendly Solar services specifically designed for the homeowner looking for freedom and independence from the monthly power bills. Solar Power Systems designed to meet Canadians Standards Certification (CSA) for your safety.

Solar Packages

Solarwise Energy solar packages for their RV great options

Save money with ready-to-install solar packages. Off-grid and grid-tied solar power solutions.

Solar Products

Solar products include inverters and solar panel arrays

Discover high-quality solar products and components to complete your next project.

Solar Services

Solar Services offered by Solarwyse include checkup on the solar panel array

Get friendly solar services and maintenance packages to keep your systems running optimally.

Our Advantage

Leading Canadians to Energy Freedom.

Founded in 2005, Solarwyse provides high-quality solar power solutions designed exclusively for life in Canada. Our solar products are selected to withstand harsh Canadian climates, providing year-round reliable and affordable electricity for families from coast to coast to coast. Plus, we’re friendly!

Young family showing their RV solar panels
Off grid in the Canadian winters

Why Live Off-Grid?

Modern. Reliable. Affordable.

Living off-grid doesn’t mean giving up modern conveniences. Solar power packages for your home, cabin, cottage, RV, and boat is easier than ever with reliable solutions that are cost effective and simple to install yourself. Discover what it’s like to have true energy freedom using quality solar products. And watch your monthly energy bill practically disappear!

Solutions for Life in Canada

Start being your own electrical provider.

Solarwsye was launched in 2005, after founder Larry “The Solarwyse Guy” wanted to live off-grid in northern Alberta. When he saw his utility bill reduce to less than $1,000 per year, he knew other Canadians would want to benefit from solar services too. Harnessing the power of the sun is possible wherever you live — from Yellowknife, to Cape Breton, to Winnipeg, to Vancouver Island.

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Start-to-Finish Support & Friendly Service

We’re here to help, whether you need a solar power package or simply some advice. Solarwyse take a no-pressure and friendly approach to serving our valued customers. It’s how we’ve built our reputation as one of Canada’s most trusted solar power supplier of solar panels and alternative energy.

Solar packages designed specifically for you, we will not sell until we fully understand your needs and expectations. Solar products from trusted and proven suppliers, if it is made in Canada that will be our first choice of reliable solar products. Solar services from years of electrical and electronic experiences.


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Solarwyse is proud to be a Canadian owned & operated company based in Beaverlodge, Alberta. Providing solar panels, alternative energy, and renewable power options selected to operate for years in the Canadian climate. We supply brand named Solar products, CSA certified Solar packages, along with knowledgeable friendly Solar Services.

Solar power solutions, solar packages, we will not sell a system until we are satisfied that it will meet your expectations, and your solar power needs. Solar products from well known brands giving preference for Canadian made components. Solar services from over 40 years of working in the electronics trade as an Electronic Engineering Technologist.

Solar Packages

Our prewired solar packages are pre-inspected by a certified Canadian Standards engineer before shipping. A small blue tag on the assembly designates that the assembly meets all the safety requirements for not only Canadian Standards, but your families peace of mind. CSA inspections save time during the home inspections as they are proof that the solar components meet or surpass the Canadian safety standards.

Solar Products

Only brand named or trusted and tested solar products are used in the assembly of our solar packages, We use as much Canadian built products as we can. Canadian solar is a trusted name in solar panel production. Solar mounts all have been engineered to meet the safety requirements your family deserve.

Solar Services

On site assistance or assistance on the phone the Solarwyse Guy is there to help. Solar services also include classroom instruction on solar design and installation. Presentations filled with anecdotes and tips on what to expect from your solar power system.

Occasionally we work with other companies that offer exceptional service or products, we highly recommend these companies to others. Should you see a service or product you are in need of, give these folks first try.

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